Fashion shoot on location – Kirra

[hr style=”dotted”]An early evening fashion shoot beside the Elwood canal (Melbourne, Australia) with an awesome team of people. A recipe for what will hopefully be some good images to come, once I’ve finished sorting and editing.

The model was Kirra Sullivan (IG @kirrasuxx),  whom I’ve worked with three times before. One of my favourite models. Not only is Kirra a fashion model, but she is also a trained ballet dancer. This means she understands the connection between posing and emotion. That’s so important! It’s not enough to be a pretty (or handsome) face if a model can’t convey emotion through their posing. Kirra brought her boyfriend Stefan (IG @stefanpagonis) along. Stefan was a great guy and helped out with the strobe and setting up.

Kirra fashion location shoot BTS
Kirra seated, me standing on the seat and Stefan aiming the strobe.

Trang Truong (IG @pagesofcolour) was the talented HMUA. Trang and I have worked together many times before. Not only is she a great MUA, but she also knows more interesting factoids about the history of makeup than anyone I’ve ever met.

Did you know that drag queens originally developed the whole contouring makeup phenomenon, as made popular by Kim Kardashian?

Maybe every MUA (& every Kardashian follower) in the world already knows that, but Trang was the first one to tell me about it.

Although most of the shots were taken using only natural light, I did sometimes use a Godox AD600BM portable strobe for a bit of fill. The AD600 worked great and put out a decent amount of light. It also didn’t use up much battery power, judging by the remaining LEDs on the charge meter. I didn’t use the HSS function because I wasn’t trying to overpower the sun.

Kirra location fashion shoot
Kirra posing beside the canal, and an overly explicit shot of my butt -> thanks Trang 😉

Trang took all these BTS shots. She not only did hair and makeup but also held reflectors and used her trusty iPhone to document our shoot.

Joseph Brabet (IG @brabetphoto)[hr style=”dotted”]

Some shots from a video (taken by Kirra) of the LCD on the back of my camera. The shots were printed out on butcher’s paper, then run over by a truck, then photographed on Kodacolor VR 1000 film, then printed out on Ilford paper, then scanned. OK just kidding about the butcher’s paper onwards – I’m not a hipster, but someone’s got to troll them. Fashion


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