Compulsive selfie taking is officially a mental disease

The act of compulsively and repeatedly taking selfies is now classed as a mental disease, thanks to psychology researchers from two different universities. The results of their research was published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. The disease is called “Selfitis” and starts with anyone who takes more than three photos of themselves per day. The diagnosis of selfitis gets worse if the person posts them to social media. That’s because it shows the person’s need for social approval.

There are even three different levels of selfitis – borderline, acute and chronic. These different levels depend on the frequency of selfie taking and selfie posting to social media. The more selfies and the more social media posts, the worse the selfitis.

Not sure what it’s called if a pro photographer like me takes more than three photos of a pro model. Luckily that hasn’t been classified as a disease yet.

Anyway, if you think you might be a selfitis sufferer, then there is a very simple solution. Hire a professional photographer (eg, me) to take the photos of you instead. That’s not a disease. It’s just a smart move.


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