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Skilled Commercial Photographer in Melbourne

Good marketing is essential for selling any product or service in the era of online buying and commissioning.

And the key to successful marketing is a great photo, whether you’re selling products or services. You need attractive photos that visually explain their qualities and benefits. You need to grab your customer’s attention with photos. Photos are the most effective method of both marketing and selling your products or services.

Commercial photography is a team process. It starts with the creative vision of the art director. The art director needs a photographer who can help them realise their creative vision. A Melbourne commercial photographer like Brabet Photo. Commercial photography is a combination of great posing, composition and lighting. Just as important for commercial photography are expert Photoshop compositing and special effects skills.

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Commercial photography by Brabet Photo

So what makes Brabet Photo’s commercial photography different from the rest?

  • Joseph Brabet has had years of experience working in graphic design, as well as in photography. This graphic design background gives him a strong sense of colour, shape and visual simplicity. His graphic sensibility makes his commercial photos more effective in communicating your product or service’s benefits to your customer.
  • If you want a commercial photographer in Melbourne who has a genuine interest in photography, Brabet Photo is it. Photography is not just a profession for Brabet Photo; it’s a passion. I am genuinely interested in making great images that sell your concept, your product or your service.
  • You need a photographer who has an eye for detail, combined with a clear eyed view of the bigger picture. These two qualities combine to create a successful commercial photography outcome.
  • I know that big commercial shoots are team based. Brabet Photo’s experience in successful collaborations with others means you get the quality of photos you want.
  • We use the appropriate equipment, lighting and cameras to achieve your commercial photography goals. Whether in the studio or on location, we have the tools that get the job done right.
  • At the end of the day, it’s the photographer’s job to make something out of the ordinary. That’s where Brabet Photo excels. Combining the right lighting, focus, composition and post processing, we can deliver you awe inspiring pictures that stand out from the rest.

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Other aspects

Joseph Brabet has the extreme Photoshop retouching and compositing skills that will take your commercial photography project to the next level. And Joseph’s product photography skills and experience are an important part of his expertise as a commercial photographer. Knowing how to light and shoot a range of different product types is vital for product photography:

  • matte products
  • reflective products
  • high specularity products
  • transparent materials
  • refractive materials
  • textured products
  • smooth products
  • flat products
  • tall products
  • small products like jewellery

Experience shooting a range of product types makes Brabet Photo a well rounded commercial photographer.

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